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Accidentally chipped a tooth?

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite that is placed over the front surface of a tooth. Beautiful, natural looking teeth are easily attainable with porcelain and composite veneer.

At Thorndon Dental, our focus is on general and restorative care. We also recognize the importance of aesthetics. Composite and porcelain laminate veneers are a simple and effective treatment that can give you an attractive, symmetrical smile. If you have minor cosmetic blemishes or unusually shaped teeth, this procedure can conceal these imperfections and help your smile complement your entire appearance. It can also be used to correct misalignment of teeth, improve discolourations, chips or even gaps.

Composite veneers

These involve minimal alteration of your teeth, and can be placed in a single appointment. If you feel self-conscious about minor imperfections in your smile, composite veneers may be an excellent solution for you.

Veneers are a simple and effective treatment for an attractive smile.
Composite veneers for natural looking teeth
After; see more examples in our Smile Gallery.